About Us

Today, we live in a fast-paced world where people feel rushed, overscheduled, stressed and unable to keep up. The lifestyle today reflects the high speed we desire at all times and under all circumstances. We fill our lives with computers, cell phones, wireless laptops and other timesaving gadgets, only to find ourselves deprived of time.

As technology advances and the pace of life speeds up, our modern world has become famished for time. And as we become time deprived, sleep deprived, over worked and over scheduled, we become anxious, tired and above all stressed. Stress affects every aspect of your life including your appearance. This stressful, hectic lifestyle coupled with natural biological aging leads to undesirable symptoms of premature aging such as a fatigued looking appearance, dull complexion, winkles, pigmentation, uneven skin tone and loss of firmness.

Whether you choose to bring out the best in the way you look, to give yourself more confidence in your personal life, perhaps for the demands of work or simply just to relax and feel good about yourself, at Reflections Aesthetics Clinic we aim to get you there with fast, visible, technologically proven results while in a safe, comfortable haven.

Our best of care facilities include our Reflections Aesthetic Clinic medical rooms where proven therapies are performed by board-certified medical doctors and the Skin Recovery Loft, supported by a group of professionally certified therapists trained to provide quality aftercare and recovery treatment choices.

At Reflections Aesthetics Clinic, we help tailor treatments to adapt to the individual skincare concerns of our patrons. With maximum benefits and minimal discomfort, our non-invasive innovations, targeted therapies and medi-facials designed to complement the long term youthfulness of the skin.

Our 1st priority is the care and comfort of our customers in their journey to achieve healthier, youthful skin and the best reflection of themselves that they desire to be.